Solomon was established in 1973. The company became publicly listed in 1996 on Taiwan Stock Exchange. The company’s main businesses today are in power generation, automation, and LCD Display. Headquartered in Taipei, Solomon has one branch office in America, 7 in China, and two in Southeast Asia. Solomon also owns SGD and Data International, both are makers of LCD and LCD modules. The company including subsidiaries has 1,000 employees.

While Solomon began as a distributor of power generators, electronics components, and welding machinery, it has an increasing focus on automation business. Since 2014 a significant amount of corporate resources are dedicated to research and development of leading-edge technologies, including artificial intelligence, 3D machine vision, Internet of Things, and robotic applications. The management team’s goal is to establish Solomon within the next three years as a technology leader in these emerging fields not only in Taiwan but also globally.

Techman Robot Inc. is an innovation-based intelligent robot maker, with an expert team from relevant fields, including machinery, electronics, control, software, and vision. To break the limits of traditional robots is our direction, to lower the integration cost of robot application systems is our goal, to set a collaborative robot standard in the new era is our mission, and to raise corporate productivity and competitiveness as our vision. In conclusion, we will bring the robot to SMEs and provide large enterprises with flexible production solutions.

Established in 2000, the TOYO Group, with the support of upstream and downstream partners and customers, has become the most brilliant choice for Taiwan and China’s cross-strait automation robots with its continuous innovation capability and outstanding R&D capabilities. The MIT products were exported to Japan and other 15 advanced countries and received good evaluation. In order to continuously improve its technological competitiveness, the Group has invested a lot of research and development funds in recent years, and has designed a variety of cost-effective single-axis robots and four-axis horizontal multi-joint robots combining controllers and mechanical modules. We hope that we can do our best for the industry in Taiwan and expect to export high-quality automation products to the world.

TBI MOTION TECHNOLOGY believes in “innovation, excellence, organizational growth, customer satisfaction and sustainable development”. This philosophy will help us achieve our vision, “Be the benchmark of world’s motion industry”. With30years of expertise and continuous innovation, TBI MOTION TECHNOLOGY has developed a complete production line of linear guides, ball screws, ball splines and actuators.yees.

As a leading global provider of IP-based networking products and solutions, PLANET Technology Corporation has been focusing on the innovations of the transmission-based network technologies and devices since its establishment in 1993. The company’s wide range of high-quality network products and solutions are exported to the global ICT market under its own brand name “PLANET” through its worldwide distribution channels in more than 140 countries. Committed to its corporate sustainability and motto “Shaping Future Networking“, PLANET will continue to be at the forefront of shaping the future of networking by providing innovative network solutions to seamlessly intelligent, user-friendly and sustainable network applications.